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We sell lots of lovely things and included among them are some alcohol products. You should not enter the shop unless you are of legal age to purchase alcohol.


Q: Is there a distillery on Iona?

No, not yet! Our gins are distilled by experts in a wee place called Ballachulish, in the Highlands between Oban and Fort William. That's pretty local to us as the crow flies, but in practical terms is two ferries and a road trip away. Botanicals and fruits are harvested at their peak and delivered straight to the distillery for inclusion in the recipe. Our whisky is specially sourced for us from a renowned Highland distillery but we're not able to disclose which one. Take it from us though, it's a really good one!

Q: What's the "o" with a yellow bar over the top all about? 

That's the St Columba halo mark. You'll see it in our logo and it pops up by itself as well, as a secondary logo, design feature and pattern motif. It's not a hieroglyphic or ancient celtic symbol; it's our contemporary and distinctive nod towards the Saint who lends us his name. It's also a guarantee of quality, and is exclusive to the St Columba Hotel & Larder here on Iona.

Q: What's Iona like in the Winter?

People often ask us that. The hotel and shop are usually closed between mid-November and mid-March, but staff are still here beavering away on stocktaking, essential maintenance and planning, and online orders are fulfilled all year round. A highlight for Larder staff is Scotland's annual Trade Fair, where we go to seek out new and exciting products to add to our store. The island is quiet, the weather can be bright, crisp and calm or windy, wild and stormy, and sometimes the ferry is cancelled. When that happens the post is delayed until the ferry can land safely, so please forgive us if your delivery takes an extra day or two because of this. The quieter Winter months are a time for local residents to wind down after a busy Summer season. We have a wonderful, state-of-the-art village hall which is the activity hub for social and community events like ceilidhs, film nights, Pilates, Tai Chi, badminton and lots more. If you're really keen to know more about what we do in the winter, have a look at the What We Do In The Winter website, where you'll find lots of interesting podcasts about the everyday lives of folk resident on the islands of Iona, Mull, Ulva and Gometra.

If you have questions about our online shop or our island home, please do contact us and we'll do our best to answer and add to this section.


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