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We sell lots of lovely things and included among them are some alcohol products. You should not enter the shop unless you are of legal age to purchase alcohol.

About us

The Larder opened in 2013 and sits just across the road from the St Columba Hotel and close to the historic Iona Abbey

Our tiny, quirky building has played a central part in the story of Iona having been home to a printing press, a bookshop and briefly to the celebrated Scottish artist Francis Cadell in its lifetime.

 Nicknamed the ‘low door’ for reasons that become apparent as you bend to enter The Larder still plays a prominent part in island life today and you always find locals alongside the many tourists queuing for a coffee and a snack each day. 

We are open from 10am to 5pm 7 days a week between April and October and 24/7 all year round online.


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